Awards & Trophies

Perpetual Awards & Trophies

President’s Trophy

Current Recipient (2023)
Maree Smith

A volunteer member of the Club who provides “above and beyond” service to the club, by way of extra hours, variety of roles, fundraising and social organiser. This award can go to either male or female and should not be considered solely an administrative reward.

Past Recipients

2021 Paul French
2020 Jakeb Morris
2019 Maree Smith
2018 Paul French
2017 Lorraine Whitmore & Richard Sherriff
2016 Steve Commins
2015 Lorraine Whitmore
2014 David Hickman
2013 Nic Duffy
2012 Andrew Harris & David Hickman
2011 Brett Withington
2010 Rachel Sihota
2009 Cas Breadmore
2008 David Hickman
2007 Simon & Karen Arthur

Yvonne Nankervis Trophy

Current Recipient (2023)
Hannah French

A volunteer female member of the Club who provides “above and beyond” service to the club, by way of extra hours, variety of roles, fundraising and social organiser.

Past Recipients

2021 Nic Duffy
2020 Maree Smith
2019 Nic Duffy
2018 Nic Duffy
2017 Nic Duffy
2016 Deb West
2015 Sandra De Paoli
2014 Lorraine Whitmore
2013 Sarah McRobbie
2012 Lizette Woolley & Nic Duffy
2011 Michelle Kremmerskothen
2010 Michelle Kremmerskothen
2009 Sue Pinkard
2008 Annette Baker
2007 Polly Sherriff

Junior Club Person

Current Recipient (2023)
Isaac Innes-Smith

Provides extra assistance with coaching, fundraising, umpiring, positive role model

Past Recipients

2021 Chloe Smith
2020 Chloe Smith
2019 Chloe Smith
2018 Chloe Smith
2017 Finn Bailey
2016 Josh Commins
2015 Finn Bailey
2014 Cameron Neep
2013 Matt Knox & Mollie Allison
2012 Matt Knox
2011 [Not awarded]
2010 [Not awarded]
2009 [Unknown]
2008 Jess Totham
2007 Emily Nunn

Clint Willcox Memorial Award

Current Recipient (2023)
Jack Quigley

An individual that gives 100% when at training and when playing. Obviously not everyone can attend all trainings, but when they do they train hard. Aimed at a team player who is a “club person” ie does the team thing but is not necessarily the most skilled person. Unwavering commitment to the team – doesn’t back down, gives their all. The purpose of the trophy is to remember Clint and the character traits that Clint possessed. Participation and commitment to training was very important to Clint and therefore commitment to train and attendance at training are part of the criteria. The award is open to all members of the club, irrespective of grade, as Clint believed everyone should train, however it is not intended to be awarded to players who have represented the State.

Past Recipients

2021 Adele Fitch
2020 Jack Davey
2019 Allie Robertson
2018 Mikaela Clarke
2017 Matthew Eltringham
2016 Ashley Hubbard
2015 Alex Whitmore
2014 Sam Beckett
2013 Roly Mackinnon
2012 Stewart Allen
2011 Jordan Reid

Bruce Eadie Perpetual Trophy

Current Recipient (2023)
Emma Quigley

The Perpetual Trophy is named in honour of Bruce Eadie a club member who was dedicated and had the best interests of the team at heart and inspired his daughter Deborah West. It is to be awarded to a GNL Women’s player who has proven to be a good team player, puts the team first and has been dedicated to ensuring the team is successful, a “never give up” attitude and will continue to persist and work hard for the team’s benefit. The player needs to be determined and an integral component of the Queechy team’s future.

Past Recipients

2020 [Not awarded]
2019 Olivia Jones
2018 Josie Kremerskothen
2017 Olivia Jones
2016 Emma Kremerskothen

Goalie Award

Current Recipient (2023)
Jessica Totham

This award is presented to the senior goalie that receives the most umpire’s votes during the course of the regular/winter season. In the event of a tie, the player with the most number of 3 votes will be presented (and so on down) with the award.

Previous Recipients

2021 Derrick Heathorn
2020 Brooke Whitmore
2019 Derrick Heathorn
2018 Derrick Heathorn
2017 David Hickman
2016 David Hickman & Petria Button
2015 Sarah Morcom
2014 Nick Green
2013 Nick Green
2012 Petria Button
2011 Mel Boxhall
2010 Connor Walters
2009 Clint Reid
2008 Matt Patten
2007 David Hickman

Umpire Award

Current Recipient (2023)
Derrick Heathorn

Previous Recipients

2021 Mackenzie Wharton
2020 Jakeb Morris
2019 Isabella McRobbie
2018 Isabella McRobbie & Joseph Coates
2017 Wendy Hodgetts
2016 Josh Commins
2015 Maggie Curtis
2014 Richard Sherriff
2013 David Hickman
2012 Richard Sherriff
2011 Sandra De Paoli
2010 Richard Sherriff
2009 Richard Sherriff
2008 Sandra De Paoli
2007 Andrew Hickman & Col Eltringham

Gordon Lawson Trophy – Best in Finals (Men) [Prior to 2023]

2021 Andrew Ebbelaar
2020 Emmanuel Bates
2019 Jai Whitehouse
2018 Dave Gammon
2017 Eli Chaplin-Williams
2016 Eli Chaplin-Williams
2015 Alex Whitmore
2014 Finn Bailey
2013 Matt Franklin & Paul French
2012 Khan Riley
2011 Khan Riley
2010 Matt Reid
2009 Nic Gunton
2008 Cameron Bardell & Toby Ekins (Div 2A)
2007 Charlie MacKinnon

Marg Whelan Trophy – Best in Finals (Women) [Prior to 2023]

2021 Nic Duffy
2020 Kelly Greatbatch
2019 Kara Van Dijk
2018 Gem Carmichael
2017 Amelia Duffy
2016 Trudy Cooke
2015 Cas Breadmore
2014 Jessica Curtis
2013 Trudie Cooke
2012 Katelyn Jones
2011 Cas Breadmore
2010 Lucy Murgatroyd
2009 Hayley Johns
2008 Kelly Smith
2007 Alison Hoban

NCC Awards

Best & Fairest

2021 Lucy Cooper (GNL Women)
2021 Simon Ancher (Div 2 Men)
2021 Debbie Furlonge (Div 2 Women)
2021 Joseph Coates (U19 Men)
2021 Millie Smith (U16 Women)
2019 Sarah McRobbie (GNL Women)
2018 Evan Lawrence (GNL Men)
2016 Nic Duffy (GNL Women)
2014 Matt Selby (GNL Men)
2013 Matt Selby (GNL Men)
2013 Sarah McRobbie (GNL Women)

Top Goal Scorer

2021 Zakk Steward (Div 2 Men)
2021 Debbie Furlonge (Div 2 Women)
2021 Millie Smith (U16 Women)
2019 Kara Van Dijk (Div 2 Women)
2019 Cas Breadmore (Div 3 Women)
2019 Isabella McRobbie (U16 Women)
2018 Scott Canny (Div 2 Men)
2018 Cas Breadmore (Div 3 Women)
2018 Isabella McRobbie (U16 Women)
2016 Ashley Hubbard (Div 3 Men)

Umpire of the Year

2021 Isabelle McRobbie (Junior Female)
2019 Isabella McRobbie (Junior Female)

Technical Official of the Year

2021 Chloe Smith (Junior)